Dat hurr gone #hurr #shorthairdontcare
Seent the homie @snakegod in Hollywood
Official DTLA Artwalk Afterparty at Ham & Eggs 433 8th St. DJ & live instrumentation jam with Legal Aliens, Cakelady Og and special guests
Sweet Jesus I pray that my enemies have sufficient haterade on hand this afternoon because my swag is already on 98 degrees and we fin ta turnip even higher tonight! See you at the Artwalk!
I hope my name taste like sardines to these niggas
It’s a game but we don’t play ;)
Where it’s at tonight! 626 S. Spring St. 10pm
It’s that time of year again… Happy 420 from CakeLady!
#tbt mi & hermana puertorriqueña @sexilocatiff she cool as shit and she always got my back. original Sexi Loka Clik #echoparkay #90026
Taking a quick break last night KapSoul Tuesday, The Falls DTLA with the man himself, “Kap” @kapsoul Check out his store on 6th & Spring. Photo by the mega awesome @nezzarivas Follow her!!!!!
As my Grandy would say… “You walking around with your heart hanging out.” God rest her soul. See you later at Kapsoul Tuesday! Thanks @tazcatphoto for the dope shot!  :)
Doin my thug at @kapsoul Tuesday in DTLA
Come out tonight!!!
CakeLady x BrealTV we really out here at the Dr. GreenThumb show right Now. Meet me tonight at KapSoul Tuesday 626 S. Spring St. La, CA 90014 10pm
Some people all they know how to do is color inside the lines. Meet me at The Falls in DTLA tonight for a vinyl soul funk set from 11pm-midnight. 626 S. Spring St. La, CA 90014
Designed by Timothy Rowan